Leonard Griffith sends out invitation for 2011 reunion

You are invited to the Class Reunion Party to be held Friday, August 26, 2011 at the Hubbell House in Mantorville starting at 5:00 PM. We will be dining in the Stage Coach Room, which is larger than the dining room we were in before. Everyone will be ordering from the menu with six choices to choose from. I will check with the management to see if any of the choices can be senior or smaller portions, since most of us do not eat as much as we used to. This might also make the price a little more affordable for those of us who need to watch our budget.

There is no requirement to send any money in advance since we will be ordering from the menu. It would be nice, however, to know if you are attending. This invitation is being sent by email to those who have it and by snail mail to those who don't. If you have email, please reply by email. If you don't have email, please call me and leave me a message or reply by snail mail. My phone numbers, address and email address will be listed at the bottom of this letter.

Since we have a large dining room, you may personally invite friends from other classes to attend. I am not sending out invites to other classes.

I have no formal program planned. One thing that I would like, is to hear about everyone's family. How many children you had, what are they doing, where do they live, etc. On thing my sister, Virginia did for her class was to gather information about each classmate and their family including pictures and put together a book. It is a little short notice this year to do this. However, if everyone brought a write-up with pictures or mailed something if you can't attend, a book could be done for a future reunion.

Put this date on you calendar. I hope to see you there.

Your Classmate

Len Griffith

802 Countryview Ct SE

Stewartville, MN 55976

Home phone: 507-533-6767

Cell phone: 507-202-0873

I have just changed my email address because MSN gave me a choice of staying with them with higher fees or changing. So far the new email address has not officially been implemented, so if it does not work, try my current on that I am using for this email. A number of you could not open the attachment on my first email, so I decided to retype it and send it as a straight email. Velma, Loren, Tom and Joyce must have changed their emails because I received a failed Delivery Status Notification. Sharon (Wachholz) Colman responded that she would not be able to make it. My new email address will be:


PS: The snail mail letters were mailed Monday, May 16th. I sent letters to those who changed their email address.